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Sampson the Rottweiler

Sampson had surgery on Cinco de Mayo

Sampson the Rottweiler

Sampson’s 1st day of Chemo

May 20th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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It has been two weeks since Sampson’s surgery and he has been doing great. His appetite is almost back to normal. He is getting around much better, walking up the stairs and playing ball. Today, Sampson had his consultation with his oncologist and his first day of chemotherapy. I was thrown for a loop when the doctor thought he was walking funny. My first thought was no kidding-he has 3 legs. Well, the vet noticed he is hopping with his two back legs. He has done this occasionally at home, I though he was just figuring out how to walk. So he was given a more through exam and they were not able to come to any conclusions. It can either be that he is in pain because he is putting so much pressure on his remaining front leg. I have noticed that he is licking it more. But then again that is what he did on his osteosarcoma leg (yikes) or worst scenario-maybe he has a tumor on his back leg. We need to watch him for a few days and pray it does not get worse. I am hoping he just over-exercised the last few days. Also, his alkaline phosphatase is higher than it was at prior to amputation and we were told to discontinue his rimadyl (which is the only thing that helps him feel better). We were instructed to continue his pain meds (tramadol).
It has been a confusing day. I am sure it will not be the last. I am trying not to worry because we do not have any definitive news-well as you know that is impossible.
Unfortunately, I have a meeting and I am out of town, so Sampson is at home with his Dad and rottie brother. I was told, he was a little nasty tonight. He likes to relax outside on our front deck and did not want to come in. When his dad tried to bring him in, he showed his teeth. Can the chemotherapy affect behavior? And if so, can it happen so soon after treatment. We have a lot to learn-any insights out there?

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  • etgayle

    our experience with chemo is that the first couple of days gayle is very tired, and can get frustrated if you don’t leave her alone when she ‘wants to be left alone’. i think you should consider the tramadol is causing him to be not himself..that’s some really wicked medicine. scary times, but you’ll get through it…sampson sounds like a good boy…any pictures??


  • admin

    Thanks for the update! Glad to hear Sampson is recovering well and we hope his awkward gait is just due to temporary discomfort.

    We don’t have any IV chemo experience but we do know that pain or discomfort will manifest in the behavioral changes you describe. This too, we hope is only temporary.

    Best wishes … now, about that blog header – feel free to send us an image, or just ask if you want help uploading a new one.

  • nancy

    My dog Luigi had a rear leg amputation from os 10 months ag0. We chose not to do chemo, We are doing all homeopathy and it has been going well. He also goes to a chiropractor 1x a month and gets a massage every week or so and I do reiki on him. Eats raw food NO GRAINS and is on remedies and alot of supplements.
    What I can tell you from my experience is they adapt so quickly. Luigi plays with the rest of my gang goes swimming. He can hike for about a mile and then we stop. Just enjoy every second wiith your furkid, They’re the best.

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    I agree with Gayle – that tramadol did weird stuff to Catie and I was real happy to stop using it. It didn’t make her aggressive, but it certainly affected her behaviour in other ways – she’d act kind of stunned, lethargic, dopey, really really tired. All in all, just weird. I didn’t like giving her that medication at all.

    Not sure about the licking. But I do know that when Catie first presented with lameness we thought the problem was her left front leg because she’d always lick and worry at it. Turned out not to be that leg at all; in fact the tumour was on her right shoulder. She still goes through spells where she licks and chews the same spot on her remaining leg. Could be just a nervous thing since nothing seems wrong with her; no different maybe than me deciding to pick at a hang nail until my finger’s really sore 🙂

    Hope everything is okay!


  • jakesmom

    Between the trauma of the surgery, the pain meds, the extra strain on his remaining 3 legs and just feeling plain icky… Sampson is definitely not feeling like his usual self…

    This should all be temporary, and hopefully Sampson will be feeling almost like his old self soon…

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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